Tom Neely
Tom Neely born 1975 in Paris, Texas.
BFA Painting, 1997, University of Tulsa.
MFA Painting, 2000, San Francisco Art Institute.

Together, Neely's three new painting series, "Werewolf," "Fugue" and "Self-Indulgence," depict the latest evolution of the unnamed "everyman" who has been a recurring character in Neely's paintings for the past three years.

In three separate narratives, this man physically transforms from a meek figure into a powerful beast, indulges his newly awakened appetite for earthly temptations and finally confronts himself – literally and figuratively – as he struggles to reconcile his human and animal instincts.

The paintings tell the story not only of a character but also of an artist evolving, pushing himself into new territory while at the same time questioning the self-serving nature of expression and whether his work can help illuminate the human condition or, ultimately, reflects only the experience of the artist himself.

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